Age: 30


Hometown: Wasilla, Alaska


Slacklining Since: 2005


My motivation is to share slacklining with as many people that I can, in hopes that by balancing on the line will bring them as much serenity and freedom of mind as it has brought me.


I was introduced to slacklining near the end of 2005 by my good friends, Zach McKendry and Dustin Waltz. At first I didn't think much was possible but once I stepped onto the slackline I was hooked, I was walking back and forth right away. Two years later I was in REI buying 280ft of webbing when an associate who was helping me said he had never heard of a line being stretched so far before and suggested I come in and give a presentation about the sport of slackline. It was at that point I created a blog called Slackline Visions a blog dedicated to supporting and cultivating all forms of slacklining through installs, balance workshops, presentations, competitions, various types of media and events.


I now work for Gibbon Slacklines and run a program called the Slackline Scholarship Challenge. The SSC program offers slackline balance workshops to high schools and college students in the state of Colorado, and a virtual community to students nationwide.


To date I have installed slacklines and Highlines in rock gyms, bolted 6 highlines in the Golden area, given presentations and demos at various shows and have taught over 4,500 youth in in Colorado how to slackline.


Slacklining could be said to cultivate the purest form of balance, while refining our action and reaction skills as well as increasing ones range of focus. Slacklining is a tool to search from within as part of a higher learning concept. Slacklining has helped me to find my inner peace, and completely change my life. I have and will continue to enjoy watching the sport of slacklining progress and will be there to help and support the slackline community whenever and wherever I can.


Join me on the Slackline Scholarship Challenge Facebook page and if you would like to have the SSC program visit your high school or college then email me at